The first blockchain-based ecosystem to provide offers comparison for decentralized trading and prediction networks with a powerful intermediate cryptocurrency for maximum mobility and minimum funds transfer costs.


myEdge aims to be a disruptive force in the cryptocurrency prediction and trading networks and shift the power from the corporate providers to the individual users.

We strive to collect and present all offers for any outcome in every prediction and to harness the power of blockchain for quick and seamless access by users to any chosen platform regardless of the cryptocurrency it uses.

How myEdge Works

myEdge collects offers from various trading and prediction platforms by using powerful parsing tool, analyzes and arrange the data, and present it to players by event, prediction type, outcome and platform.
Player can select a specific event and outcome or browse through events by segments or topics and view all available offres by providers and platforms.
Once an offer selected, the player can use myEdge blockchain reserve system to skip multiple funds conversions and benefit from immediate access to the target platform's token needed for the wager or investment hedging.

High Margins

For any prediction offer, providers include a margin of up to 10% between the forecasted odds and the actual offer, in order to insure a long lasting profit. The high margin reduces dramatically the user ability to profit over time.

High Funds Transfer Fees

Most FIAT money providers inflict high fees on users trying to withdrawal funds, whereas cryptocurrency platforms requires multiple funds exchanges to switch between tokens, each with its own additional cost. In both cases the high cost eliminates the added profit of any better offer presented by a different provider and prevents players from shifting funds to the best available offer.

Low Mobility

High withdrawal fees and the long time it take the funds to reach the users' bank account in FIAT platforms or platform dedicated tokens along with a complex conversion process in cryptocurrency platforms prevents users from utilizing short term offers available on other platforms and keeps them captive of one or few platforms with no chance to get better returns.

Low Trust

Depositing funds with an unknown provider is risky and can result in losing all the funds due to fraud or bankruptcy, as such users have to consider the platform's strength and credibility as factors in their decision regarding which offer to accept. This leads to missing out on better offers with higher returns offered by smaller providers and accepting worse offers made by big providers simply due to fear of depositing funds in unknown platforms.

Offers Comparison

Providers publish different offers for specific prediction due to different probability estimations or actual performance. myEdge uses powerful parsing and analyzing tools to extract and compare offers from cryptocurrency supported platforms and present them to users, so they can select the highest paying offer for any prediction increasing returns by up to 25%.

Cryptocurrency Use

myEdge supports cryptocurrency based platforms in order to insure funds transfer are fast and done at low costs in order to enable users to make full use of our comparison service and respond in time to take advantage on short term opportunities and to have the freedom use any provider’s platform without the long wait for funds to be transferred.

Smart Contracts

Using smart contracts eliminates the concern of any payment issues by providers and creates a trustless environment in which users do not need to relay on the provider goodwill to return the funds back to them. It also releases users from worrying about funds controlled by providers, since after contract is resolved the funds are instantly transferred to the winning side.

Tokens Conversion

Exchanging tokens can be a long, complex and expensive process with up to 8 different transactions. myEdge's tokens lets you keep all your funds in one place while our conversion system allows you to instantly convert any required amount to any of the compared platform's tokens with minimum transactions cost, using our dedicated reserve accounts. In this method, users can select any offer and act on the spot without waiting for funds to be converted by external exchanges.

Some of myEdge’s benefits

myEdge’s mission is to revolutionize prediction markets industry by eliminating the built-in player disadvantage, thereby promoting efficiency by giving players unlimited market flexibility and creating optimal conditions for success in predictions

Maximum Returns

myEdge comparison engine lets you review all relevant offers and choose the highest one every time in order to get better returns by up to 25 percent.

Minimum Conversion Costs

myEdge cryptocurrency conversion system with myEdge intermediate token reduces dramatically the number of conversions needed to move from one token based platform to another, thus lowering conversion costs.

Maximum Flexibility

Trading and Prediction offers changes frequently. We allow users to quickly convert funds to any target platform token so users don't miss on short time opportunities due to long and complex cryptocurrencies manual conversions.

Funds Control

Using one intermediate token eliminates the need to keep funds in multiple tokens, enabling funds availability at any time and making it easier to keep track of funds transactions.

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  • 2017

  • Q3-Q4

    Concept and Setup

    Creating the first myEdge concept
    Data analyzing system development

  • 2018

  • Q1-Q2


    Functional alpha version with live data

  • Q3-Q4


    Release a beta version for selected segments with smart contracts
    and reserve accounts functionality
    Social components integration

  • 2019

  • Q1-Q2

    Full Version

    Native Android/iOS App
    Full comparison engine version with all segments
    Activate conversion system and implement smart contracts functionality
    Expand partnerships with prediction and trading networks

  • Q3-Q4

    Expand Ecosystem

    Events statistics and pre events analysis and reviews
    3rd party customized versions
    Open Source customized app and SDK